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The Tomato Whisperer

5 Gallon Bucket Tomato





Ahh… There it is in all its 5-gallon bucket glory with the new tomato cage and sitting securely inside the fence of the pool.

Being in a pot, of sorts, (and, yes, I did find an attractive off-white plastic pot, of the same size, in the barn… Of course, it didn’t come with a sporty handle for moving it when company comes to the pool, but I digress…) it needs to be watered daily. Continue reading


Return To Big Garden

After giving (positive-speak) nearly two weeks of my summer to my family’s parish festival, I am a thankful for the hard work Continue reading

Independence Day

Good friends invited us over for a cookout for the 4th and I was just starting in on replanting the perennial bed I ripped out last weekend. What wonderful inspiration!

More on how that went  Continue reading

Garden Revolution – In Honor of July 4th!

Big Garden 072809






Ahead of my original plan, I got a wild hair and decided I had some left over energy last Sunday afternoon, and ripped out the perennial border that I have been promising myself I would do.

Well, I really did it! And, all by myself, too! Continue reading

Some Days Just Aren’t A Garden Party

So I’ve committed to the www.UltimateBlogChallenge.com  but I have had NO time Continue reading

Could It Be Raccoons?

With the fishing line fence now approximately 7-1/2 ‘ high, it is unlikely that deer caused the damage three nights ago:  more tomato leaves nibbled, snap peas and a cosmos down to only a stalk. Surely, there would be some evidence of where a deer had landed if it had in fact, jumped the fence. Perhaps even some sign of hitting the top line, Continue reading