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Advent Wreath

I am WAY behind on my holiday tasks but I did finally get outside, during daylight, to gather holly and pine  boughs for my family’s Advent Wreath.  It has been really cold here  in southern Ohio and we even got a little snow – settled on the grass but left the roads and walk alone. Perfect. We are due to have a little more this weekend which should be just perfect for cutting a tree. Can’t wait but that will just about finish my gardening year until the catalogs show up on 12/26…


Feb 21st – Snow Melting

After 2 weeks, there are patches of grass visible through the snow in my yard and signs of plants that need a lot of sunshine to outgrow this winter. I have never been good at keeping a Gardening Journal as all my favorite gardening writers have advised – time for a change.

Feb 20th – Getting Started

Working on inventorying my seeds so I can get started with the garden plan – after 2 weeks of snow, I am ready for the next season!