Monthly Archives: March 2012

Plant Whisperer

Boy am I glad my “Plant Whisperer” husband heard those boxwoods “talk”!

Being a fairly quiet man, he would notice that and wonder why?

Thank goodness he talks to me, and I have a computer! We figured out the problem, addressed it, and one week later, the new growth on the boxwoods is spectacular – and quiet, just the way he’d like it!


Boxwood Leafminers

Well, as it turned out, my talking boxwoods¬†weren’t invested with garden fairies but with leafminers. Bummer. Two days later, the visual evidence was as strong as the audio – little yellow blisters were appearing on the leaves and the sound was even louder. Big bummer.

A quick call to a local nursery and a trip out to get the recommended spray and two sprays later, they are quiet but still look bad. How I wish it could have been the fairies!


Listening To The Grass Grow

Way back in 1972, while on a class camping trip, a counselor I considered wacky and probably too in tune with the times, chose to spend an evening outside “listening to the grass grow.” Since that time, I have thought … Continue reading