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Gotta Be My Favorite Flower: Daffodils


While I have other favorite flowers (don’t get me started on my heartbreaking romance with lavender – that strumpet has left me repeatedly, and yet, I would take her back, any time. Yes, I do “give a damn.”)

In the case of flowers I would date versus those I would marry, daffodils are the ones to take home to meet your mom. 

Daffodils are:

  • Reliable, like clockwork, and sometimes, even early
  • Enduring, can last for weeks if properly selected (perhaps you won’t share this aspect with just anyone…)
  • Engaging, a diverse selection of appearance and pleasure – single, double, frilled, multiple blooms per stem

Variety is endless – how can that not enhance the choice of just one spring flower?

And, Oh! Did I mention that they are long-lived? An early commitment to include them in your garden will not leave you alone:

In fact, long after you are gone, these precious blooms will stand just where you once did, letting everyone else know a Gardener was once there, enjoying her beaux.


Tête à Tête

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