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Big Garden Plan 2014

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Despite some rain this week, this weekend looks promising for planting Big Garden. I know a lot of serious gardeners would have theirs in already, but it is just not possible here. We always have too much to do to … Continue reading

Big Garden: Relearning Old Lessons

So, I’ve admitted to being a garden slacker. I’m intending to mend my ways but I got another reminder of why the old ways don’t work.

In the good old days, when gardening was new and I was learning, I poured over every catalog that came my way. It took me a while to get over being ready to order every “garden kit” that showed beautiful cartoon-like drawings of what my garden could look like.

In fact, I almost fell for a few before I kept reading and learning and soon, thankfully, realized that the plants shown would never bloom at the same time and so, therefore, my garden would never look like the proposed selection.

That was a particularly hard lesson to learn. But, I got past it and while it meant I needed to learn a lot more about colors, heights, and blooming times not to mention, sun requirements, I was learning.

Until I got frustrated and shut down. I realize that now.

SO, going forward, I will NOT just pick up a plant that looks interesting. I will actually PLAN what goes into a Perennial Border, just as I have always done with the Vegetable Section.

But, here is the lesson from today: I wanted to order some seeds for direct sowing and waited too long – most were out of stock.

Lack of inspiration led to procrastination and now disappointment.

Jan 1 – New Year’s Blog Resolutions

I have never been a good digital camera photographer. I have gone through 3 cameras over the years as well as multiple smart phones with cameras inside and yet I have never gotten organized about taking pictures, uploading them to the computer, and organizing them well. Most years, I have taken photos to document my gardens for future planning only to do no such thing. I even lost a camera with several months worth of pictures at a museum. As a result, my blog has never been as visually stimulating as it could be. While I was blogging with Windows Live, I had a very pretty backdrop that kind of made up for this until I saw what other gardeners are up to. So, for 2011, I WILL improve my ways – stay tuned!