I gave myself a pasta sheeter/cutter for my birthday las month and have been making guinea pigs of my family ever since. I also ordered three books to learn what I was doing. I like to read cookbooks, but they … Continue reading


My Gardening Life

Growing my garden this year has meant so much more than the seeds I started, the dream part-time job I was fortunate to enjoy, the pesto I made early-season, the myriad tomatoes I canned, or even the jalapenos I am … Continue reading

Seed Starting

Last year, I noticed that my seed starting trays – an ABS system from Gardener’s Supply Co – were getting a little Continue reading

Salsa and All Things Tomato

Last summer was the first in three that I had any success with growing tomatoes – so much so that I DID win (at least, I am claiming victory) Continue reading

So, a co-worker kindly offered Continue reading

Taunton’s Out Of Print ‘Kitchen Gardener’

When first introduced, I had a subscription to ‘Kitchen Gardener’ – I believe I discovered it while visiting a magazine booth at a local gardening show. Continue reading

The Slight Edge, Gardening Style

I am reading a good book these days. Just 10 minutes a day, every day and will find another to read next – kinda a New Year’s Resolution, if I’d started the plan Continue reading


It seemed like the tomatoes were green forever last summer, but I’d never have seen this lovely ladybug otherwise.

Ladybug Retouched

Seed Catalogs

IMG00190-20100808-2051                                                                  Time to start seed shopping – I finished going through and tossing old seeds. I think it is save to get rid any packed for sowing prior to 2010. Just saying… Continue reading