Salsa and All Things Tomato

Last summer was the first in three that I had any success with growing tomatoes – so much so that I DID win (at least, I am claiming victory) the challenge thrown down by McGyver when he decided to first, grow his own plants in styrofoam cups on the window sill two summers ago and then planted a store-bought plant in a 5 gallon bucket so it could be behind the pool fence and safe from marauding deer.

So, my five plants produced so many tomatoes that I canned and canned and then canned some more. In the process I found an addictive salsa recipe and made 8 pint jars of it. We are about to finish the 7th jar and won’t have enough to make it through.

While I am slowly making my way through seed catalogs, besides tagging wonderful flowers I hope I can grow, I am intensely focused on tomatoes. I need to grow 10 plants and not just the 5 I usually do. The salsa was mostly made with Burpee’s Better Boys, so I plan to have 5 of those but I need 5 heirlooms I have never grown before. Big challenge to find those!


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