Monthly Archives: August 2012

A Garden Does Not Eden Make

July completely undid me this year…

So many good intentions were left just outside the door I huddled behind.

Don’t get me wrong, I love hot weather – for vacation, for swim parties on a Saturday night, for reading by the pool, for a cool beverage, Oh, for so many reasons.

But, not for gardening.

I tried to keep up. Truly, I did. I half-weeded the paths and felt inspired to do the other half.

THEN, something odd happened. My tomatoes – all eight plants – shriveled.

We had been watering them. They had acclimated to their new locations and grown well through June. Then… curled leaves, bleached leaves, spindly growth and then, finally nothing.

Sun Scald? It looked like that from the pictures I “googled” but I would have thought a change in weather would get them going again. Not so.

Next, soccer took over and I gave up. Much research is needed as I refuse to not know what happened. A first in 15 years…