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Oct 14 – Wrapping Up

Okay, as stated before, I am not a good fall clean up gardener…
My boys, just recently 11 and soon to be 13, play soccer and football with basketball following right behind, then futsal, and then again soccer in the spring. It takes a LOT of my time – not that I am uninterested in their sports… (Did I ever mention that I am verging on Stage Mom for their efforts?) Truly, though, they enjoy their respective sports, the "crazed" atmosphere is NOT what you see on 20/20, and it does mean the family is together (somteimes in pods) on the weekends.
We even started "geocaching" between tournament games. See for details of how this fun "scavenger hunt meets GPS" hobby can expand your free time!
On a back-to-gardening note:  fall leaves have finally become prettier (not that they are glorious this year…) than about 10 days ago. THIS change is what makes me able to tolerate summer becoming fall. And, once this is over, I get to dress in a witch costume, cook a turkey, and then over-indulge in all things Christmas. The rituals make NOT GARDENING okay.
Then, the first mail day after NYE will deliver catalogs – can hardly wait!
What will we try to grow in 2011?!!