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Planting Big Garden

I really was so sure I would have this done before now.

You see, when I first designed Big Garden, I was able to plant by the end of May.   I remember much help from Donny and being treated to Thai Chicken Wings (an of-the-moment craving back then… restaurant long closed and I’m still trying to figure out that sauce…) I was four months pregnant, and nothing has been the same since.

Each following spring has had obstacles – planting during naps, driving two tired toddlers around until they were finally sleeping in their carseats, bad weather or too much rain to get to BG, but mostly sports, and of that, mostly soccer.

So, when that season wrapped at 11am after the final tryouts for next season, I donned the clogs, and headed out with 4 flats of seedlings, a plan, a new curlycue hose and a nozzle I can now rhapsodize about (the on/off is a thumb slide – no holding and it has about 12 spray patterns…), and my seeds.

Five hours, 20 or so trips to and from the house or barn, 3 dips in the pool, and one beer, I am done. Planting… there will be more to do, but I have to say that three weeks ago, with all  the weeds, no time and a million other things to finish, I really doubted that Big Garden would even look so good again.

I now have two perennial beds containing asparagus and rhubarb; four herb beds with four types of basil, sage, dill, oregano, parsley, borage, lemon balm; two cutting flower beds with five sunflowers, cosmos, niotiana (the old-fashioned white tubes), bells of ireland, cleome and poppies.

There are four 10′  x 10′ beds holding 5 pumpkins, zucchini, cantaloupe, acorn squash, 8 varieties of tomato (have I mentioned that DON”T eat tomatoes that I haven’t grown? Those at the store ARE NOT tomatoes!) and Silver Queen corn. (Let me give you a hint on growing corn – it is worth it if you can devote as little as a 4′ x 4′ plot! Just boil the water before you harvest – NOTHING compares!!!)

Finally, I have four peppers, two okras, broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, fennel, beans, peas, cucumbers, ornamental gourds and two beds of mesclun, romaine, arugula and loose-leaf lettuce.

Chives and marigolds border one side to deter the deer and I will expand this to all sides and I need to divide the chives from time to time.

The face of Big Garden is edged with a 3′ wide border of perennials that I am always tinkering with – so much to learn about gardening for beauty and not production…

Watch for pictures for the next Garden Bloggers Bloom Day on June 15th!