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Christmas Tree Cutting

Holiday Task List – Cut Tree

We were almost tempted by the post-Thanksgiving ads. You can picture it: $38 for a 6′ pre-lit tree. Everyone has them – and that is fine. I know families with allergies, or friends who want their tree up a long time. My children even have a 4′ one in their  playspace – they can decorate at will and even hang all those handmade, daycare-provided decorations I don’t want on my tree. Their tree is actually very cute.

But, we have never had one for our main (I mean my) tree. We go out to cut it.

This year was no different – the boys did not want to miss out on what has been an annual event. We charge the walkie talkies, pack ribbon for tagging prospective trees and hope there will be snow. We really ought to take a family picture in our Santa hats, but somehow, we never remember the camera – need to add that to the list, I guess.

Some things are the same every year too – we always think the trees are smaller in the field than what they will be in our house – three lines on the ceiling prove the number of times we have been more than a little wrong.

And, some things shouldn’t keep happening… when Jackson was 2 and Logan was strpped to me, riding in his front pack, Jackson did a total facial into a mud puddle and had to be picked up by his  snow pants’ suspenders. This made for a very quick selection and Donny dragging the tree back to the truck my himself.

Deja Vu 2010 – Jackson stepped back into a 2′ deep hole – left by a dug out tree – filled with frozen water skimmed with a thin layer of ice. He was soaked and his boot needed emptying! Another quick dash back to the truck to wrap his frozen toes in the only dry thing left – his Santa hat. Again, where is the camera for this?

Donny, with Logan’s help, was left to drag the tree, muttering something under his breath, to the baler.

I think next year’s tree may come from Lowes…


Advent Wreath

I am WAY behind on my holiday tasks but I did finally get outside, during daylight, to gather holly and pine  boughs for my family’s Advent Wreath.  It has been really cold here  in southern Ohio and we even got a little snow – settled on the grass but left the roads and walk alone. Perfect. We are due to have a little more this weekend which should be just perfect for cutting a tree. Can’t wait but that will just about finish my gardening year until the catalogs show up on 12/26…