My Gardening Life

Growing my garden this year has meant so much more than the seeds I started, the dream part-time job I was fortunate to enjoy, the pesto I made early-season, the myriad tomatoes I canned, or even the jalapenos I am still hoping to preserve – somehow!
I realized that I have been growing so much more than that and while my harvest may be approaching,  it is in no way here just yet.
For this reason, I have been unfocused on writing – something I love – and uninspired to tell you one more thing about my actual garden.
My brain shift has been toward how I GROW my whole family. I have two sons, just 16 and soon to be 18 –  a junior and senior, respectively. Their passage into independent adults with college degrees that don’t bankrupt them or us has become my focus.
All that, while surviving watching what will have been, potentially, the LAST soccer game has kept my family focused and not garden-blogging focused.
Perhaps you can relate? If so, stay tuned as I walk us both through a new garden.


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