Listening To The Grass Grow

Way back in 1972, while on a class camping trip, a counselor I considered wacky and probably too in tune with the times, chose to spend an evening outside “listening to the grass grow.”

Since that time, I have thought of that phrase to be right in line with “watching paint dry” – kind of like spending the afternoon at a T-ball game when I could be home planting.

Until today! Picture this:

I’m out planting herbs and pansies in pots (so I can bring them in when the frost returns – which it WILL – despite feeling like spring already), when Donny calls me over to “see” something in the bushes/grasses he is cutting back.

Convinced I will be finding a bird’s nest at an unbelievable low level, I don’t hesitate to stick my nose down. At this level, I HEAR, not SEE, the bushes – like the three little Rice Krispie Elves are playing in the garden. Garden Elves – Yes, RK Elves – What?!!

The plants in question are boxwood – ubiquitous landscape balls used all over and perfect for topiary and knot gardens, but not my love, just a great worker bee for me:

They add structure to the two spots we have them:  in front of a bay window, they offer a foundation planting and hold Christmas lights beautifully in December, and framing some Loosestrife (no, not THAT Loosestrife) in a grouping outside the pool fence.

So, now, I LOVE the boxwoods! I am entranced! How have I missed the BW Elves until now? Is it just because the winter has been so mild that we are able to actually be outside when the plants “talk”?

More later….


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