Could It Be Raccoons?

With the fishing line fence now approximately 7-1/2 ‘ high, it is unlikely that deer caused the damage three nights ago:  more tomato leaves nibbled, snap peas and a cosmos down to only a stalk. Surely, there would be some evidence of where a deer had landed if it had in fact, jumped the fence. Perhaps even some sign of hitting the top line, which is only 15 lb test since we ran out of the 30. Being lighter gauge, it is also less visible so perhaps the deer would not even know to jump that high and would have pulled it.

Although I am certain from hoof prints that the deer were in the garden prior to putting in the fence, I am less certain that they are the current culprits. It’s not rabbits due to the height of the nibbles (although the okra, cosmos and peas could be) on the tomato plants. Working with the assumption, we tried cayenne pepper around the tomato plants while I spend some more time researching raccoon deterrents.


One response to “Could It Be Raccoons?

  1. There are several gardeners around here who swear by a powdered coyote urine product. Have you used it? It is available on-line.

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