The Tomato Whisperer

5 Gallon Bucket Tomato





Ahh… There it is in all its 5 gallon bucket glory with the new tomato cage and sitting securely inside the fence of the pool.

Being in a pot, of sorts, (and, yes, I did find an attractive off white plastic pot, of the same size, in the barn… Of course, it didn’t come with a sporty handle for moving it when company comes to the pool, but I digress…) it needs to be watered daily. As it gets bigger, it may need to be watered twice a day – who really knows?!

Fortunately, McGuyver  the Tomato Whisperer (newly moniker-ed) takes that job pretty seriously, as I found out yesterday:

Earlier in the afternoon, while lamenting the miserably cool and cloudy weather, I went out to check on plants and deadhead. Said tomato was looking dry, so, wanting good tomatoes, even if not officially “mine”, I gave it a drink.

When Tomato Whisperer got home from work , he went out to the pool to check his baby and pulled a 2 quart juice bottle from inside the pool pump room to water his trophy wife  plant. When I advised that I had already watered it, he sheepishly went to return his juice bottle – after mentioning that he DISTILLED water for it each day!!! OMG – I should get such attention!

When I returned moments later with my cellphone to snap its picture in comparison to my own, grown from seed, Better Boy, he nearly prevented the photo. And, now, as I write, the picture of my tomato is no longer in my phone… Conspiracy? I’d think so if he knew how to use my phone…


2 responses to “The Tomato Whisperer

  1. Oh, this is funny! It reminds me of the annual race that my dad and I have to grow the first ripe tomato! (This year I won.) MY DAD takes it pretty seriously. I am more demure, but my determination is real. 😉

  2. Last year, when Tomato Whisperer began this competition by starting his own seeds – in a different manner than my time-honored/tested method (for which he helped me build the set up… mind you!), I was a “little” irritated. I am the self-taught gardener who invested countless winter evenings researching, reading, learning for the last 20 years. After all!!! In my darkest moment, I almost sabotaged his seedlings with hot water before the good angel on my right shoulder spoke up!

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