Return To Big Garden

After giving (positive-speak) nearly two weeks of my summer to my family’s parish festival, I am a thankful for the hard work I put into it in June that allowed my garden to survive on only minutes of attention each day.

I have managed to water, nearly daily, and dead-head every 3-4 days, and a few weeds were plucked, but I have really not spent time in either Big Garden or on the deck or around the pool, or even the front gardens. ┬áMost years, I almost have to concede that I have too much to take care of. But, with my renewed vigor – brought on by my wish to redo 1/3 of my perennial border, I have things in better shape than ever!

And, oh, the deer/raccoons have stayed away – fishing line, 8′ conduit, cable ties and a little cayenne pepper seem to be working. AND!! I haven’t yet tried to walk through the fishing line – bets were laid on that, believe me!


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