Garden Revolution – In Honor of July 4th!

Big Garden 072809






Ahead of my original plan, I got a wild hair and decided I had some left over energy last Sunday afternoon, and ripped out the perennial border that I have been promising myself I would do.

Well, I really did it! And, all by myself, too!

From the picture, you probably can’t see a lot of what is wrong but you will notice there is no color, nothing appears to be flowering from a distance. And, here’s the thing, the view from my office window is even further away. I want to see colors other than green (although, green is certainly better than brown…)

So, out it all had to go!

Scorned Earth







Yeah, I do recognize that this, currently, looks even worse. I am trying to have a vision:  purple bearded lilies, red and blue anemones, magenta Siberian iris, orange tiger day lilies, purple coneflowers, black-eyed susans, yellow blanket flowers, yellow coreopsis, blue Salvia, white daisies, red day lilies, red and yellow ixia, purple gladioli, grey green lambs ear, purple liatris… Bright colors to be seen from a distance! Big Garden is nearly half a football field (I exaggerate – it feels longer every time I forget to bring my gardening snips with me…) from my deck.

Prepared Perennial Bed






After scourging the ground of all (hopefully) wild clover, trumpet vine roots, Campanula, grass and perennial sweet pea, I am planning to start putting back in what I saved or recently purchased, tomorrow!

(I even got the chance to reinsert the Martha Stewart edging I bought at Kmart years ago. It isn’t a favorite of mine any longer, but it probably won’t show and does a nice job of providing a barrier for the weed whip. I learned a new trick for it – don’t try to put them in ‘chained’ together as suggested – in clay soil, you can pound in one end and pop out the other. Just put the individual 9″ sections in close to each other.)

I know it won’t be a thing of beauty this year as some plants will have already bloomed and other are hanging on in the shade of the side yards’ trees.

But next spring? Just can’t wait!


One response to “Garden Revolution – In Honor of July 4th!

  1. Thanks for the shout out. But please give me credit for veggie growing too. I’ve been kitchen gardening way before it was trendy. I’m just into pollinators a lot and summer flowers are important to them. Up to my ears in produce if that helps!

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