The Slight Edge, Gardening Style

I am reading a good book these days. Just 10 minutes a day, every day and will find another to read next – kinda a New Year’s Resolution, if I’d started the plan on Jan 1 or ever really made resolutions. No, I just wanted to add some structure to my life – I’ve been letting the needs and plans of everyone else pull me in amillion directions.

Anyway, I am reading ‘The Slight Edge’ by Jeff Olson, as suggested to me by a Ninja Training class I went to for my business. It’s easy reading, and at 10 minutes a day, doesn’t complicate my life or take away from the reading I like to do for fun.

The premise is that small, everyday actions/decisions have a far greater impact on one’s life – positively, or negatively – when repeated daily and over time. Think of it as you notice how crowded the gyms are in January and then notice that the ones who are still there in September, are the ones in shape.

It was this philosophy that – though I didn’t know it –  allowed me to run 5 minutes on my 50th birthday and then run a 10K a short 7 months later. I just made sure I ran some amount on each training day; after all, I had only challenged myself to run a 5K – something I can do daily now. All because I made that decision everyday.

So, what does this have to do with gardening? Well, I realized that this’slight edge’ was why my garden was better last year. I applied the same decision-making to its care. In the past, I may have decided the weeds could wait another day. Last year, I didn’t think like that. I knew I would never go out and weed the whole garden – even if I had the time on the weekend. It was just too much. But I could do 10 minutes, every day. And, started earlier enough, I rarely needed to do more than that – provided I did it every day.

Toward the end of the season, I did fail to keep up, and that might happen again. But probably not.

But this year, I will know why – it will be that ‘slight edge’ making the difference. Positively, or negatively – my choice, my reward, or my failure.


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