Seed Catalogs

IMG00190-20100808-2051                                                                  Time to start seed shopping – I finished going through and tossing old seeds. I think it is save to get rid any packed for sowing prior to 2010. Just saying…

I have a stack of catalogs to go through – some from companies I have always purchased from:

  • The Cook’s Garden
  • Burpee
  • Gardener’s Supply Co
  • Seeds of Change

And, some I’ve never tried:

  • Select Seeds
  • Jung Seeds & Plants

As well as some that are completely new to me:

  • Territorial Seed CO
  • Totally Tomatoes
  • R.H. Shumway’s

And, of course, there are many more that I don’t receive anymore because I never placed an order. Some are missed (White Flower Farm, or Shepherd Seeds, for instance) but most are not.

My intention, when I select seeds, is to grow vegetables, herbs,  and flowers that I can’t buy at a store or what’s the point? I prefer heirloom, organic, and tasty before I concern myself with disease resistance when it comes to veggies and herbs.

For flowers, I like new and showy, but also easy to grow as I am still new to including a cutting garden within Big Garden and I am still in the learning phase for that area.

Stop back to see what I will be trying this year!


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