The End

Wow! I can’t believe I am still actually working in Big Garden – all the way to “The End” instead of just ending it all… Weeds are starting to creep back in: ┬áthe dreaded bind weed is everywhere and I like to take a pass at picking just that and feeling so accomplished. But, there are other weeds, but no where near as bad as in previous years.

Today, I picked 4 dozen ears of corn but I may have been too late – the four we boiled for dinner weren’t worth the butter we wasted on them. Tomorrow, I will shuck the rest to see if any can be saved for the freezer or eaten for dinner. I am testing a new freezing method for whole ears – if satisfactory, I will do more next year. Instead, this year, I gave away a dozen, ate some, and served two dozen to my eldest’s soccer team. More productive use than ever so I don’t even mind leaving some behind for the raccoons.

The okra was a bust this year, again. I am so disappointed as we used to do so well with it. ‘Something’ is getting in through the fishing line fence to eat it – either deer peaking in or raccoons – too high for rabbits. I am guessing the deer and will no longer plant it along the edge of the garden. Same problem with sugar snap peas – think those long necks of the deer get in when their whole body can’t figure out the invisible barrier.

All in all, I would call the fishing line fence a success and will plan to do it again next year. Even the corn stayed around a lot longer – think the lines deterred all but the most resourceful critters.

Which also has me wondering what is eating squash and pumpkins – never seen that before. With all the new ‘trends’, it is easy to understand Thomas Jefferson’s observation – one I repeatedly hear in my head: “Though I am an old man, I am but a young gardener.”


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