Tomato Sacrifices

I’ve been meaning to write about this for about 10 days, but soccer and football and ‘back to school’ took over.

As you know, I always get a late start to my garden because of wet springs – typical here; too large a yard and a need to get a pool open – that we have barely used because of a ridiculously cool AND CLOUDY summer; and too many activities – sports again… So, my harvests are also delayed. Even with all the Tomato Whisperer did to assure great tomatoes, we still have a ton on my vines and have really only been eating tomatoes with every meal for the past week or so.

Which brings me to my topic, sacrificing tomatoes…

When my overly ambitious ‘Black Cherry’ tomato pulled down its cage and needed to be re-staked, I made a decision to clean up all 5 plants before they also over-grew their 4′ x 4′ plots.

Indeterminate tomatoes – meaning the plant will not stop growing until killed by frost – are vining plants and could be left to grow that way if rotting fruit were not an issue. Cages are needed, but the ones I have – remember, held together by cable ties since they are not for the glamour plant inside the pool fence – can only bear so much weight before listing…

So, I did what I should have done a few weeks ago, before I had faith in the quantity of  BLTs I would be enjoying:  I cut back stems of wayward plants and even  cut off blooms and small tomatoes… in hopes of bigger, betters ones.

This season in Big Garden has been about doing things better and under control so that I can enjoy it more and not give up on it. So far, so good…


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