The Deer Fence Saga Continues

After one full week, we have had two invasions over the fence. The first was not bad and we really tried to convince ourselves it was previous damage.

However, last night was practically a smorgasbord. He/she or possibly they, enjoyed so many tomato leaves, they had the audacity to leave a branch on the ground – must have been too full to finish… They also go the blackberries (now wishing mine DID have thorns…) and the sugar snap peas.

I am a little sick over the whole thing as I have invested more time in the garden this year than in a few years past and really wanted to feel like a reformed gardener instead of a discouraged one.

Even though we were certain last Saturday that the deer were standing just inside the woods, laughing at us, we are now guessing they can see the line enough to know to jump it. I just don’t see them nimbly walking through the strands of line. So, we need to go higher.

Having cut down our 8′ conduit to six feet lengths above ground level, MacGyver and I are now regretting doing so. Conduit is fairly cheap. so if you have done this, you can replace. But, if you are MacGyver, you have couplings lying about and can simply reconnect. Which we did.

Now standing at 8′ (minus how much they are sunk into the sleeves in the ground), we wrapped two more levels of fishing line around the circumference of the garden. Crossing fingers!



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