Night Two Without Deer Damage

Saturday, we put up our fishing line deer fence.

We started by cutting 3/4″ diameter conduit into 18″ lengths and pounded one end flat to make sinking them easy with a sledge-hammer. Needless to say, this was not my job.

Conduit Sleeve








After these were in the ground (still sticking up about 6″), I dropped in the 10′ long 1/2″ conduits into the sleeves and we measured them to 6′ above ground and cut them according to the specific sleeve they fit (depending on how deep that particular sleeve could be driven into clay…)

Next I measured 18″ up from the ground and then 12″ increments to the top of each conduit and wrapped cable ties to keep the fishing line from getting pulled down.

Conduit With Cable Ties








At the advice of one video we watched, we trimmed the ties down so they would not act as flags to the deer.

We had conduits in each corner and on in the middle of each side for a total of 8 posts and 40 cable ties (which could possibly be skipped we discovered as we constructed the fence).

Next we started wrapping the 30 lb test fishing line. Again, following hints from YouTube, we tied the line off completely at the corners so  if the line is broken, we’d only have a side to redo as opposed to the whole fence. Fishing line is cheap but wrapping was tedious. We only wrapped around the middle posts to alleviate this and to certain be done before dark. We were pretty sure the deer were in the woods laughing at us.

Fishing Line Fence

When inside, it’s difficult to see the line so it will be interesting to see who is the first to walk through it. After two nights, the deer haven’t been back – keeping my fingers crossed.

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