Gone Fishing?

Wanted to do something to fence in my veggies against deer and saw an inexpensive one in a catalog but Donny convinced me it was too short. (I KNEW this but wanted to believe that some deterrent would be better than none.)

Having just finished an After Prom decorating project that involved a lot of fishing line to hang a circus tent inside a classroom, I had a reel of line still hanging around on a counter. Donny (MacGyver) suggested we try using it to create an invisible barrier that would startle a deer away.

Here’s how it usually works at my house (mostly, if my idea isn’t completely nuts):

  • I get a wacky idea
  • McGyver comes up with a way to make it work (usually with improvements to my wacky idea)
  • MacGyver  then has a new task to complete
  • I’m happy until new wacky idea pops into my brain

So, here is the theory:

  1. Insert 6-8′ conduits at the corners of Big Garden and in intervals along each side – think 16 should cover it
  2. Starting about 1′ from the ground, wrap 15 lb test fishing line around the perimeter at 1′ increment to at least 6′ tall

I might even be able to do this on my own once he sets the conduit in deep enough. In fact, I can almost see him setting “sleeves” into the ground permanently so I can just drop the conduit in again next year – see, he is smart like that. I can also see him wrapping the conduit with cable ties at 1′ foot increments to the line doesn’t slide down. Wow! Maybe he is rubbing off on me!!!

So, hopefully, I can get started on this this weekend. I had planned to start tearing into the Perennial Border but this is probably more imminent and the Tiger Lilies I want to keep are in bloom so they can wait.

Check back, I will post on what we actually do and whether or not it worked!



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