Weather Patterns

Here in southwest Ohio, we have been treated to two outstanding weekends the last two weeks. But, as I sit here reading, “WordPress For Dummies” and trying to relearn what I once knew and really learn what I never figured out, I hear rain hitting the windows and that is a good thing.

When I started blogging, back in 2009, I think, I used Live and had a site I liked – it was cheerful and had little extras that I enjoyed sharing.

When I had to migrate, I lost a lot of that and that may have been the start of my lack of inspiration – too much to relearn. At any rate, I have never fully developed my blog to look and function the way I originally intended. I really saw it as a journal for myself that perhaps some like-minded gardeners, especially those just learning, could share.

And, I especially wanted a log of weather conditions. Something I have never been good at and regret from time to time. For instance, the previous two winters were mild but 2014 almost broke a record for inches of snow. And, without the weather man, I could have missed the finer details of that.

I am noticing it now because 8 roses, a new azalea, and a crepe myrtle nearly didn’t make it through – we’ve had to cut back drastically to reach the new growth. Likewise, the Stella d’Ors are blooming late and my daffodils did too.

Records of this would be nice. I suppose I could construct something in Excel, and maybe I will, but I wish I had a widget that kept weather information on a daily basis that I could then use to make observations about garden conditions.

Thinking on this… Ideas?


One response to “Weather Patterns

  1. Found an Ap for an almanac but don’t know if it records historical information. Trying Farmer’s Alamanac on line – suggested I could keep notes on its accuracy.

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