You’d Avoid It Too

To be frank, I have never been really satisfied with the border that faces Big Garden and I have struggled with trying many different plants in it. Some have passed on and more are about to do the same. Here it was in 2009, probably one of its best years but still not great. Short Perennial Border 073109 There were still a lot of variety: tiger lilies, lambs ears, nasturtium, canna, coreopsis, cosmos, some odd weed that produced purple flowers, my favorite Nicotiana and that perennial sweet pea. It was still a mixed border with annuals filling in. Then an apple tree in our yard finished dying (it had lost sections of itself in storms over the years) and had to be taken down. Surrounding that tree were these pale pink Campanulas that had spread, forming a complete ring. They were interesting up close but the color was even too pale in their original location. BUT, I have a hard time killing a plant – literally and figuratively (my thumb is just that green!), so I moved most of them to the border. Between them, the lilies that do require dividing, the coreopsis, and the sweet pea and trumpet vine, I have been growing a mess the past few years. Before Although this picture – taken today and with little blooming – is 6 weeks earlier that the previous one, you can see I have a jungle. With the theory that nature abhors a vacuum, it is chock full of invasive plants that should choke out the wild strawberry weeds. Only they don’t.  But I can never eradicate them since I can barely get to them. As soon as the veggie beds are tilled and planted, I am ripping this all out!

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