A Garden Renewed: The Challenge

What needs to happen is this:
1- Dig up and divide the keepers: tiger lilies, irises, coreopsis (the tickweed kind, which is spreading, but the yellow flowers are worth it), liatris – if there are any left under the Campanula and lamb’s ear – also a spreader, but I love the pale sage green leaves and soft texture
2- Dig up and pitch the bad characters: said Campanula, perennial sweet pea, catmint (while not a problem, just too pale and small to have impact…)
3- Either re-lay the plastic border or better, convince Donny to help me put in a brick border that would not frost heave too badly and allow for better weed whipping
4- Eradicate the wild strawberry weeds that even tight spacing doesn’t eliminate
5- Actually pull some of the precious composted manna from the pile and spread it across the border
6- Replant the keepers (maybe I need to draw a plan for this)
7- Add purple coneflowers, black-eyed susans, Shasta daisies and gladioli bulbs
8- Divide Siberian Irises from another location and add these too
9- Repeat in two phases down the length of the whole border over the next two summers
10- Take pictures to post of the “After”

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