Not So Hungry Games…

Okay… I fell under the “Twilight” spell late… only to be told by friends I was behind the “Hunger Games” curve…

I TRIED to catch the fire but just only got in about 3 weeks ago – between my Book Club books…

I LOVE to read and REALLY miss Henry Mitchell and Cassandra Danz – I can only hope my ramblings will seem inspired by either…

I DO love to read what other gardeners are up to – just last year I found a fellow compatriate – Amy Stewart of “From The Ground Up”. Made me wish I had written about my gardening learning from the beginning…

Which, brings me to my next hopeful announcement:  I am slated to take Master Gardener classes this fall! Numerous hours of volunteer work will be involved, so if I stop being President of the PTO, ArtsWave Fundraiser, JulyFest Volunteer Chair, etc., you’ll know I am following my passion. Join me – at my age, it is time to say what is for me!


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