A Garden Renewed: An Inspiration

I have fallen out of blogging about my garden and have felt uninspired to continue. I have even lost faith in my desire to garden. All of this has been perplexing to me since I have always loved to be creative and writing and gardening are certainly that.

I’ve wondered why this feeling had crept in and blamed it on being too busy, having other focuses in my life but that never really felt right. I have even avoided pinning pictures on Pinterest of gardening ideas.

Well, today, I figured it out! It’s not gardening that I am less than enamored by. It is my garden specifically!

I have a million things on my “to do” list to get the pool and backyard ready for the summer and even with a long weekend, I won’t get through it. So, weed whipping in front of the perennial garden that borders the entrance to Big Garden should have been low in priority.

But, I had enough time to do that before fixing dinner and not enough time to attack anything else on that darn list.

Once the weeds were out of the way, I had clarity.

For some reason, I have a real talent for selecting invasive species and over time, several of them have taken over and made me dread the clean up of this bed. For the last few years, I have struggled with them and been less than happy with the results and then avoided the whole bed which then led to me avoiding the whole garden.

So, I have decided to rip it out and fix it. More to follow!


One response to “A Garden Renewed: An Inspiration

  1. David Elliott

    Way to go girl!

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