Rain…Rain… Science Projects?

After what must be nearly 3, if not 4, weeks without significant rainfall, we had a two recent storms that delivered nearly one inch over two days. The first nearly-half-inch probably ran off, mostly, due to ground being too hard to absorb it.

Falling the next day, this day’s half-inch probably did more good. I’ll have a better sense of that in a day or so. And, here is why (also, why I want to run a Science Project…):

SWEAR to God, plants like water from the sky (acid rain not even a factor…)_ WAY more than anything you can pour from a tap and/or add fertilizer to…

I have “known/noticed” this for several years and want to document it. (Really, I want a rain barrel – it takes 21 gallons 3-4 times a week to keep my containers and more for Big Garden – which I don’t usually water) to stay alive at 90+ degrees.

Still, an inch of rain makes them look like I did nothing for them for the last 2 weeks as they waited for Manna…

So, whether (weather) or not, I think some science research on this phenom is due for Logan next January…

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