This weekend…

I am so confused by Cincinnati’s weather this year! My daylilies are fully budded – at least 2 weeks early – and we are technically not yet at our “last frost date” which is truly May 19th not the accepted Mother’s Day that we all think is fine to start planting in the ground (ie. pots you can still move in if needed).

So, why do I feel all this pressure to be planting even though I am really not behind but ahead: 5 hanging baskets, 8 herb pots, 2 window boxes, and 8 pots are all done with only about 5 left to go before I put the impatiens around the deck and figure out what will go in the rock gardens?

I even feel the need to be tilling Big Garden even though my seedlings, on true season time, are still too little to consider hardening off.

I guess it has just been spring for so long that I am anxious. Of course, sports activities can interfere at any time, so that probably adds to the “need to be planting” feeling. Can’t wait for the next trip to The Flower Bed and planting time!

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