I bought this cute little 3″ pot of something – probably lavender or some such herb – from a nursery near where I used to work. NO, not the one I love but the cheaper one that also sells hay bales for Halloween and flats of impatiens cheaper than anywhere. I did manage to get some heirloom tomatoes there the year I decided to grow them in pots while “solarizing” BG.

Regardless, I saw the little weed in the pot and wasn’t bothered – obviously, these were not the commercially grown herbs from the big stores. Locally grown, hopefully lovingly cared for… Blah Blah Blah…

I wasn’t worried about a little weed I could easily pluck before planting.

Now, I can’t be 100% certain, but I didn’t have Bittercress before and I do have it now. Big Time – getting worse every year. I swear it started in BG and is spreading through the lawn and into the landscaping. Quite an accomplishment for one plant to conquer two acres…

How does it do this?

First, it blooms REALLY early – before anything else, before you are outside, before you can walk through the mud.

Second, it LIKES the wet conditions that keep a gardener inside so it does get to bloom and set seed – again, before you can walk through the mud.

Third, it grows righ on top of this mud and is SO easy to pull – until you hear the already dry seeds popping in 3-4′ arcs to replace the one stupid plant that came up so easily!

It’s a maddening plant and my year of solarizing did not eradiacte it.


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