Spring Forward, Kinda…

If Mother Nature was going to skip a month, her decision to skip January this year, was kind of a stroke of genius. So, why is it only April 12th and I am ALREADY feeling behind?

Other years, I would still be wishing for Spring instead of already having the beds edged, preen down, mulch started, 7 or 8 pots of herbs planted, roses pruned and fertilized. I even have the trumpet vine cut back and 1/3 of the perennial border of Big Garden weeded and the asparagus bed maintained.

So, how can I feel behind? With temps in the 80s expected for this weekend, I am responding to the usual feeling I have each spring of having too much to do and not enough time – just can’t shake it. I KNOW I will be hitting my favorite nursery this weekend to start my hanging baskets – I can bring those in. And then there are the window boxes and major pots for the porch, deck and pool deck.

So, you ask, where is the downside?

I have never gotten seeds started for Big Garden. I am almost never able to plant that garden until Memorial Day, so I still have 6 weeks, which should be fine. But, I can’t even get motivated to do the plan, let alone figure out how to untangle the cords to the heat mats or the grow lights and timers. I just want to be outside, not in the basement.

What I need – don’t even think it out loud – is a rainy Saturday to force me to do this task. I was supposed to have one of those in mid-March and it didn’t happen. So, I am not only ahead of myself in some areas, I am out of order in others.

Why are we never happy with the weather?!!

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