Garden Planning

Another gardening blog I occasionally follow had a post from its fictional garden fairies about the author’s tardiness in ordering seeds for this spring. It got me thinking it is mid-February and I will need to sow my indoor-started seeds in about 4-5 weeks and that I might, AGAIN!, be too late for a few flowers that I fail to start every year for the same reason – slow planning.

The first thing I really need to do is take an inventory of the seeds I have saved and toss any that are too old. Then, I can build an order. Simple, right? No, that is the “not fun” part – I prefer to peruse garden catalogs and dream, and that takes time and is not organized (or disciplined).

So, I can dream for two more nights, then I must do that inventory, tossing and ordering. The ordering part is fun – its shopping. And, done on-line, I’ll then get a present a few days later. So, onward!


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