Mother Nature

As I have written about before, Cincinnati is having an unusually mild winter. After 2011 setting records for rainiest year on record, rainiest April on record and on and on, winter is also setting records for the least snow. While it has been nice, and certainly the city/state budgets are happier without the salt expense, I am missing a good snow fall.

I’d like to report that this is all about to change. But, in truth, tomorrow’s forecast for 1/2″-1″ accumulation isn’t likely to make a lasting impact, if we get the snow at all.

Some of you may be concerned about the tree and shrubs that are starting to bud or the crocuses that were blooming just yesterday, or even the daffodils that are 3″ above ground already. What will become of them with a cold snap?

Fear not – Nature can take care of herself. If those little flowers do take a hit, the small shoots may die back but they will bounce back when warmweather returns.

If you pulled back mulch to see what is happening, pull it back but there is no need to add more.

If there is a special plant you are concerned about (if you see buds on a Japanese Maple, for instance), you can cover it with a sheet or towel. Just make sure to remove it as soon as the sun is out to avoid creating a greenhouse. And, don’t ever use plastic!

Also, remember, snow has an insulating effect, so if we do get some, leave it alone.

So, relax and enjoy whatever snow we might get!


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