Garden Catalogs – Beware #1

The Seed Catalogs start filling my mailbox just as soon as the Christmas Cards stop.

When this first started happening, shortly after we moved into our home many years ago, I was thrilled!

I was a very new gardener and didn’t yet comprehend the differences between annuals and perennials and so, therefore, didn’t realize that some catalogs would happily show garden plans with flowers blooming together when that was not possible in the real garden.

Be careful! Beautiful drawings of a final plan are a quick clue to a garden that will not grow as shown.

Planning a perennial garden in terms of color, timing, and height takes a significant amount of plant knowledge. In fact, after many years of gardening, I still don’t have this down completely. In fact, I just registered for 3 classes on just this for the spring – can’t wait!


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