Rain, Rain, Go Away

What a futile title – one I am sure has never been penned on the Thursday prior to Memorial Day.

This spring has been anything but spring-y. In fact, I have been so uninspired by the 5 out of 7 days of gloom (and/or storms and/or showers), that I have had NOTHING to say that would deem worthy of reading.

Unless you tuned in to hear my heartfelt sympathies for those suffering far worse (Joplin, MO), their concerns easily outweigh a silly blog about plants, I have had nothing to add to this lost spring.

In 17 years, I have not seen so much rain, such up-and-down temperature swings (not wildly eractic, but just odd fronts that linger…), and so little available TIME to ‘garden’ (as a verb…).

Of course, some of the fault may lie with me – soccer practices/games compete with the same time spent in Big Garden. Silly me thinking I could be a Soccer Mom and still manage to harden off seedlings.

But, if ALL needs to be rescheduled, who do you think loses that irreplacable time?

Not the Wizards and the Cobras. College Scholarships are at stake, for garden’s sake!!! (LMAO – only a little…)

Will I rejoice when I glean back the time spent with these little athletes? Can you really picture that? I have been moving their pumpkin seats around the yard, showing them seeds versus weeds since they could walk, feeding them BLTs from the garden (not to mention the Gazpacho they INHALE), and telling them to find me in the Big Garden, since just about forever.

Will I miss the soccer games that made me plant in June – no? Yes…

I will hopefully watch those games from some field in the FALL when I no longer wish to be ITG (In The Garden) – isn’t there a football game to watch, somewhere? Anywhere? (I knew football before I sowed my first radish seed….)

But, I will be happy that I am reaping the years of gardening in these other fields.

Surely the seedlings can wait.


PS. I know I promised more pictures – I even set a weekly schedule to take them in Outlook…but, there has been NOTHING to see since the last daffs had their last laffs six weeks ago.

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