Tête à Tête

From my French classes, I understood Tête à Tête to mean “head-to-head”, but when a quick definition search produced “a face to face meeting”, I suddenly had a much better understanding of the nomenclature of this precious, extremely early miniature.

Blooming so early this year – St. Patrick’s Day – I could barely glimpse the tiny spots of canary yellow from my office window. Again, I lamented that I had chosen to plant such a diminutive bloom so far away – how was it to be a harpinger of spring if I could barely see it? Surely, I should have understood the second meaning before dropping in the bulbs so many years ago?

I routinely run outside at the first hint of that yellow, clippers in hand, and pluck three stems to fit in my ikebana vase – a vase that has been sitting empty, waiting since last spring.

If I am extremely blessed, one of my precious boys, knowing what should now be on my desk, beats me too this task, and surprises me with the flowers. I get teary thinking of that.

It is then that I truly understand the flower’s name.


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