Garden Clogs

My gardening purchases are starting to arrive! Today, I received a box of dirt (yes, you really can order it) – organic, soiless, germinating mix – wonderful for starting my seedlings. Which I would (and should) be doing tomorrow but my seeds have not yet arrived. That is my fault for dragging my feet in ordering them. Bet they show up on Monday… But, I did get two other “gifts” – one I ordered myself, and the other unexpected. A business associate sent me a copy of “The Vegetable Gardener’s Bible” as a Thank You and I am just about to crack it open and get lost for a while.

The other gift was from myself – a new pair of garden clogs. My old pair cracked to the point of pinching my instep whenever I stepped and had to be tossed. I spent the last two years in cheap versions of Crocks, virtually disposable after each season, and not recommended at all. The real deal gardening clogs, with the plaid insoles, have me so happy again that I am wearing them now for fun. Kind of like when I buy other shoes… Sure, shoes are an obsession, but in this case, the clogs are that special.

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