Sept 30 – Tomatoes

We had a bumper crop of tomatoes and I canned and canned but the family is still lamenting the fact that there are only 3 tomatoes left in my old wooden bowl and all that left is on the vine are green.
I know I have spoken here about being a tomato snob and I will not retract, but I was both saddened and justified when I recently passed the tomato from my Wnedy’s Jr Bacon Cheeseburger on to Logan and he complained that it had no flavor.  While I triumphantly rejoiced that my children now had taste buds, I realized I would have to start ordering without – and the kids would then get less empty fiber… Can’t try to feel like a good mom getting in the veggies anymore!
On another note, I will be working on my repetoire of green tomato recipes – seems I found a good one last fall involving Panko. Will have to find that soon and we can make it through October. By then, it will be chili season and we can survive on my canned babies…

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