Sep 28 – Rain

We finally got some today. Not sure how much – think the rain gauges are too full with dust to accurately measure well.
We are expecting some more – 70% over night. I really don’t recall a drier summer in my garderning career, and it has not been pretty.
In fact, some local areas have had wildfires – again, something I have never heard of here. Since we are big bonfirers (is that really a noun?), we have been pretty sure the fall would be lacking in this tradition.  Our fire pit is behind Big Garden so well away from the house but too close to dried cornstalks  and a barn filled with various combustibles, to even consider a little family time roasting marshmellows.
I will have to do a little research on how much rain is needed to recover from a 6" deficit – would never want to do anything unsafe! Remind me to tell the tale of how we cleaned up these 2 acres…

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