Sep 26 – Camping

In the time that I have had children, we have never, as a complete family, gone camping.
Why is this so funny?
  1. Donny and I went camping (ie. backpacks, tents, cold, dirt, rock climbing, build a fire stuff) before we had kids – at least 4x together and certainly more before that – we own great gear (LOL)
  2. We bought a 4-man tent on sale (to replace our smaller 2-man) while I was 9 months pregnant and set it up in the family room the night I went into labor – just to see… We still fit – but not for too long 🙂
  3. My non-camping-like parents took me camping (tent-campers and/or RVs) 5 times before I discoverered boys (although I did kinda find a bear once…) – my kids could figure out girls at any moment – the girls have figured them out…
  4. The above-mentioned tent has been used 10+ times under our big Oak (but never out of the yard) by the boys (with occasional adult slumbervison) – but with Walkie-Talkies begging popcorn and a long orange cord connected to the portable DVD player…

Something is VERY wrong with these pictures – it’s something I plan to fix this weekend – stay tuned!

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