Sep 13 – Plant A Row For The Hungry

Several years ago, when my boys were very young in daycare (and before I started volunteering so actively for their school), I came across a great program that I really tried to promote to the daycare and its families. Unfortunately, I took a bigger bite than I could chew considering I had two small boys (2 years and 10 months) as well as a garden at home. I also didn’t get the support from other families as I had hoped. I had envisioned a learning garden for the children and then parents helping keep it going and delivering the veggies to a local food bank.  I failed, and have been sad about it ever since.
I do think the experience is what has drive my involvement with their school – this program inspired a need to make a difference – even if it was with other endeavors.
Still, I think about Plant A Row more and more at this time of year when I have more watermelon than one family can eat while ripe and not rotten, or more tomatoes than I can can in a reasonable amount of time. Now that I am blogging and trying to improve my own gardening habits, perhaps I can take on this challenge again or at least make sure my own goodies don’t go to waste when there are people hungry for them.

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