Sep 7 -Promises, Promises

I started it today – the dreaded Fall Clean Up that I am notoriously bad at.
It was really a fairly small gesture condisering the size of the project – why I never do it; it’s daunting and shows no reward in the way that Spring Clean Up does.
When I am done, I will still have a dead garden… 
But, I am trying to think long term – PERHAPS, I will be able to get the lovely newbies in earlier next spring and thus, extend the season I adore. Because, I HATE the time between Summer and Fall – more than Winter!  Once the leaves really turn and we are full go with Fall, I will like it again.
So, what did I do:
  • dumped pots I am tired of watering to no benefit – it is frightfully dry here
  • cut back those that can stay so they look better and don’t need as much water
  • cut cosmos and sunflowers for vases
  • watered the mesclun seeds – I really want some more arugula before the season is over
  • took pix with my new phone – still don’t know how to share them on the blog but I have Winter to learn that
  • harvested MORE tomatoes – will be making salsa very soon
  • picked pumpkins – not a banner year (Note to self: check seeds and get fresh ones next spring)
  • cleaned up after the racoons – actually Donny did this:  they rampaged the corn the last 2 nights and I have only 5 ears left to make relish
  • cut cornstalks for my Fall/Halloween display

There is so much yet to be done, but putting accomplishments in writing should keep me motivated, right?!

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