Sep 3 – Burpee’s Early Girl Tomatoes

I have never grown this variety before and I am pleasantly surprised! Being a self-admitted organic, heirloom snob, I have passed it by for years. But, when soccer took over my spring and I did not have enough time to start ALL my plants from seed, I wound up buying a plant at Lowe’s – also, not my usual place to acquire veggies…
I don’t know that it was a lot earlier than my other plants (and, despite what I say above, I have been a fan of Burpee’s Better Boy for years), it was earlier than the BBB.  It has also produced better than the  Black Russian heirloom I found at Meijer’s.
What I really like is the interior texture for slicing compared to the Better Boy – it holds together very well and if you feel the need to seed, there is still a lot of tomato left behind.  In taste comparision, it is not as acidic as the BB so if you are making a sliced salad with basil and mozzarella, toss a dash of white wine vinegar in along with the EVOO. Garlic, salt and pepper complete the mix. My family could eat 6-8 tomatoes like this for dinner. And, sometimes, we have to in order to keep up.

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