Aug 22 – Fall Enthusiam…

It is hard for me to stay excited at this time of year. CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?!
Wouldn’t it seem that this is just what I have been building toward all season!?
And, of course, you are right. So, what is with the August Angst?
I HATE when the garden starts to look like all my efforts are for naught – no weeding, watering, deadheading, harvesting, gathering, reseeding, tidying – YADA YADA YADA – will make a difference.
I sometimes give up – the real reason I am so bad a fall clean up.
I am a little sworn to not let this happen this year – afterall, I am blogging to be inspirational – to my own worst habits, if not for your better ones…
But, here is a little bit of truth I can’t "garden" around – my boys are scheduled to play in one football game, four (or five, depending) soccer games, and one (or two – or maybe none – still waiting on results) basketball games this weekend. And, we while we have not DIRECT conflicts, we will be driving to either the west side of Cincinnati, Dayton, or Lebanon – several times…
So, while, we love BLTs – thank goodness for yummy tomatoes to make them happen… I won’t be cooking for some time!!!

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