Aug 15 – Drrryyyy!

Okay, the Cincinnati joke (and I know it is repeated EVERYwhere) mentions one’s fondest for current conditions with the punchline being about sudden change. HA HA HA! 
In reality, the sudden changes can happen – it is when we are WISHING for them, that the sense of humour vanishes….
Not counting, (ie. refusing to count – more on that later…), it has been ungodly HOT for at least 6 weeks:  The Donny and I had his family over for Father’s Day to a pool party. 
IN MID JUNE – we were trying to figure out how to cool the water to a refreshing degree. UNHEARD Of!
NOW, I may not have menitoned much about our beloved watering hole, but, shortly after moving onto 2 acres we realized the need of resucitiaton – IN and OUT – we soon found an appreciation for the included, (but not "included" in terms of the sale), aboveground pool:  my many years on a swim team found no fondness.
Actually, I wanted to pull the mess down.
We were only on premise a few months before I planned a wedding (ours) and moved in – the Kudzo-vine circle awaited me another season. But that short time taught me the NEED to jump in while tending two acres in humid Zone 6… We really never looked back.
Never believeing it would be so, I actively resurrected that octagon+2 (meaning no manufacturer made these pools any more or their liners – read "custom" – we did it anyway:  really, in the summer, do you need to swim after cutting 2 acres or do you need to sweat up a new COUCH? I still believe  we chose wisely – we were young, unencumbered, and could give each other a couch for Christmas….
So, we bought a custom liner to a pool we did not love. I took a grill brush to the decking and with refreshments, we had some great friends over to help and a small tradition began.
Too soon, the clicking-clock years were (or seemed like they should have been…) upon us and we popped out 2 fearless boys in 22 months – both, made to roll in this dirt, eat tomatoes from the vine, and love a pool that was falling apart, regardless.  While we distracted them with school, sports, and a newer, better pool. my gardern evolution slowed.
Still trying to catch up, but the pool is amazing.



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