Aug 4 – Cucumbers

Seems I never really know which plants are going to provide a bumper crop. Tonight, I picked 36 cucumbers and had to leave 10-20 more on the ground as having gone past their prime. None of these were here when I left town 2 weeks ago! I am certain I placed 3-5 seeds in three spots in the 4′ x 9′ bed and only two of the spots germinated. I know I also thinned the seedlings to maybe two plants per spot. The vines relly have not gone too far out of bounds, but they have been more than a little prolific. On my garden plan, I have recorded that I intended to plant Burpee’s "Tasty Green Hybrid" – the picture shows them to look like seedless, English cucumbers. But, this is not what I have – must have planted Seeds of Changes’ "Early Russian, Heirloom" seeds instead – good thing:  they are picklers and I will have to get started on that ASAP.

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