Aug 3 – Late season planting

I have read for years about starting another batch of cool weather plants for the fall. I have never done this.  I hate to admit another gardening character flaw (already shared my bad fall clean up habits), but I do sometimes get burned out. Guess I have never had the energy to see past the weeds and the overplanted beds to think of ripping out duds and reseeding.
But, the times, they are achangin’ – I am going to do it! 
While I did not make it out to BG today (2 appts,  2 meetings, and a football practice had me running – and, oh, had to spend time calling HP about my kaput printer – lovely of them to replace it so easily: they have offered me some of the best customer service of about anyone other than Lands End…), last night’s inspection gave me a new resolve:
  • I CAN finish the weeding
  • I WILL deadhead the perrenials
  • Tomatoes ARE loading up my vines,
  • Corn IS late, but okay
  • Deer HAVE been controlled
  • (Did I mention it still looks like I overplanted, but not so badly – I can actually walk the paths)
  • Cutting flowers are not too much but I can probably pick sunflowers at will

So, while the lettuce bed has bolted, I can imagine cutting it down and reseeding. I really want to do this and see what growing a cool crop is really like – we have been hot and humid for weeks so no wonder the lettuces are 3′ tall…

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