Aug 2 – Garden Inspection

Home after 10 days vacation and I am ALWAYS amazed by how much the garden grows in that time. I must have 30 cucmbers on the vines, two spaghetti squash and four canteloups that simply were not there when I left. The  corn is over my head and two of my four tomato plants are too!  And, the deer have left things alone – Donny did spray the Liquid Fence for me while I was away and he did a bang up job of weeding. There is a bit to do still, but not nearly the mess I feared, I really owe him the first BLT! (Just don’t tell him about all the gazpacho I made in SC…)
On a side note, my mesclun bed is kaput – need to replant so I am off to visit Seeds of Change for a quick order of seeds. First frost date around here averages October 10th, so I should have plenty of time for some spinach, arugula and some other loose lettuces….
PS. The August calendar art is of lavender – the end of the summer doesn’t look so threatening when I see that!

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